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Collective Experience of over
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About Peamev consult

Leading Visa & Immigration Consulting Firm Based In Nigeria & Uk.

Here at Peamev Consult, we believe that moving from one region of the world to another for legitimate reasons is a part of human existence and should be something every human has to experience. This would involve going through territories that have no affiliation or connection with your home country. However, immigration bodies will require other nationals to pass through a screening procedure to determine their intent for seeking entrance into their country thus the need for visa applications. Whatever your reason may be, our duty at Peamev Consult is to ensure that you experience a hassle and error free application.

Peamev Consult Ltd is a travel and immigration consulting firm incorporated, trademarked and located in Nigeria, with a Branch representation in the U.K We assist our clients with their visa application process of various category which include; Tourist Visas, Business Visas, Student Visas, Work Visas, Permanent Residency Programs (Through the point-based system), Other Temporary Residence Visas… We have a team that understands your needs, fears, expectations, disappointments and joy during any visa application process. With a collective industry experience of over 2 decades, we have seen that the priority of every embassy/immigration system is to protect her citizens from foreign crime, diseases, amongst other negatives. This means you would always need to proof your genuine intention(s) for that visa category you’re requesting for. If there is a refusal, it’s only because the embassy is not convinced that you as the applicant will live up to the full conditions of the visa category applied for, based on factors that differ with personal circumstances.
Thus the reason Peamev Consult is here to guide you make that application right from the word go!!


Be that guide to every intending visa applicant and also help them achieve relevance in any country of their choice.


To be your go to travel and immigration consulting firm with qualified professionals who will always provide professional and legal guide tailored at helping you as a potential immigrant reach your full potential in any country you choose to go to.



We place premium on integrity in our relations with clients no matter what part of the world you’re reaching us from. You can be sure of getting the professionally correct and honest opinion about your situation as regards any application process


We have trained ourselves over the years and will continue to do so to the end that we keep to the our word as it is within our Jurisdiction. We take your application processes seriously and ensure that we employ the best practices at all time.


You can decide to reach out to us from any part of the world via our various channels which include; social media, mails, calls, texts, our physical office(s), etc.


Carrying you along the entire process is one of our core values, you’re never in the dark as regards an application and we  also communicate clearly what the probable outcome with be on the balance of probabilities as it applies to your personal circumstance.


Beyond the business relationship, we always look out to establish a good relationship with you that from wherever you are in the world, you’re always on our heart even after your application process is over.


As a brand that’s always innovating, we understand the importance of time and taking advantage of opportunities as at the time these opportunities are available. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with you within the shortest time possible to see that your application is well prepared and submitted to the appropriate authorities/bodies. It’s also important to note that processing times with these authorities or bodies are not within our control.

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The Impact of
Our Competitive Efforts

Our immigration advisors and Experts will go through your case in depth and provide you with the best guidance possible.

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Immigration Laws Were Made To Be Interpreted.
Our Immigration lawyers & consultants are available to interpret and apply to your profile in ways that enhances the strengths in your application and tune down the seemingly weaknesses in your profile.